About Us

Sherri and I love birds. We have two Macaws, and one Blue Front Amazon Parrot and an African Grey. This is a picture of my Scarlet Macaw, Valentine. She passed away a few years ago, we think of a heart attack. She was just like me; she never could sit still, made lots of noise, was always getting into mischief and ate continuously. I use the term “she” loosely, because we have never had her sexed to know what gender she actually was, but I just assumed that she was a female. I miss her terribly, she was so sweet.I love birds for their beauty, their loyalty, their intelligence and their independence. They are the only pet that can actually communicate with you and they continually cause you to look higher. Vlntn.jpg (59847 bytes)
Sherri and I have been married for 20 years!!! We have changed a little in those few years and here is a  peak as to what we looked like when we got married. I weighed about the same, but I had long curly hair … A Mullet! dannylonghair.jpg (20047 bytes)
Sherrib.jpg (23843 bytes) … Sherri was just as beautiful then as she is today.
D&SWed1.jpg (13545 bytes) Sherri and I were married on August 1st. 1992 at Fee Fee Baptist Church in Bridgeton, MO. We were married by our good friend Pastor Jimmy Ferguson of Overland, MO.      We then moved to Fillmore, MO where we planted a church, “New Life Evangelistic Church” and we pastored that church for one year.      After one year in Fillmore we went on the road as evangelists with the whole family … preaching and singing all over the United States.