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All Rights Reserved / Here I Go Again

(Two Albums On One CD)

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Legion of Angels
Living Under the Shadow
It’s Not a Big Thing
He’s The Light
I Will Wait
All Rights Reserved
I Can’t Wait
Precious Lies
He’s Leading Me Homeward
Wake Up Shouting
Old Dusty Altar
Next Flight Out
There Will Be Peace
Suffer Not The Children
Ain’t No Rock
Here I Go Again
Grandma’s Gone
Pray It Through
Daddy Knows
I Am Your Defense

Nothing to
Hold Me
Back Now

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Step Out
Change of the Heart
Judgment Bound People
I’m Gonna Win It
Nothing To Hold Me Back Now
Lights of Home
I Know You
Heaven Gained a Treasure
I Believe
Please Tell Me Jesus Loves Me

More Than
You’ll Ever

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Looks Like Rain
I Stand By Your Word
Just Tell It to Jesus
Gabriel’s Lips 
I Just Seen Jesus In You
I’m Gonna Praise the Name of Jesus
Come On Home
More Than You’ll Ever Know
Don’t Give Up
I Love You Lord
Lead Me On

For a Time
of Prayer

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Piano For a Time of Prayer is a compilation of old favorites played with no break between the songs.

This CD helps to create a smooth, soft, inspiring and uplifting atmosphere in which to pray and/or praise God in your secret place of prayer.

All of our CD’s are $10.00 each or $25.00 for all four.

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