Pastor Danny’s first book “TOUCHING THE MANTLE – SACRIFICING THE ANOINTING” he wrote in 2012 and was published in early 2013.

This book addresses the believers desperate need for authority and examines the blessings of submitting to our authority, the power we walk in when we are both under authority and in positions of authority in Christ.

It also examines the consequence and severity of disrespecting, dishonoring and taking advantage of those God places over us in positions of authority.

Those in authority over us are GIFTS from God Himself for our good, to bless us, prosper us and to protect us.

We must be very careful to never disrespect or miss the blessings they were sent to afford.


Pastor Danny’s second book “THE PRESENTABLE BODY” is now complete and under final edit. 

It is set to be published in late January / early February 2014. 

Check back in February for ordering information. 







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