Our Family


(Rear L-R) MATT, RINI, MIKE, MISTI (holding Max), WENDI (holding HAILIE) & NICK




Sherri and I have 7 beautiful children. They range in age from 33 to 5 years old. I am originally from St. Louis and Sherri is from St. Joseph MO. August 1st 2012 marks our 20th anniversary together. Man how 20 short years can change a mans life forever and for the better. I now can’t imagine my live without any one of my children. I am truly blessed.


What A Group Of Kids !!!


This picture was Sherri’s Mother’s Day gift from the kids Mother’s Day 2006.

Obviously, there are some missing, but it is such a great pic, I can’t take it down!!! (you should see my dining room wall…)


We have a new addition to the Brown Houshold.

Zachary was born November 2 2006.


Talk about Great Kids, we have great kids, but then there are grandkids, and you can’t beat these two.

They are always looking for the next big thing.

Quite possibly that would explain why Grandpa couldn’t get them to both look at the camera at the same time.




Michael Christopher Schwaller III

Mike and Misti blessed us with our first grandson. He was born on December 16, 2004. What a joy it is to be grandparents, we are loving every minute of it.



Michael loves ball!!!

Michael & Grandma laughing it up at the Grand Ole Opry Show. (right)



And another Grand Baby!!!

Austin Allen Jackson

Nick and Wendi had a bouncing baby boy on August 17, 2005. He is quite an energetic young man.



As you can see from this picture, Austin has pretty much already caught up with Michael.



This is Misti

& Her Husband Mike

Misti is 29 years old. She and Mike were married March 18th of 2000. They live here in St. Louis and attend our church regularly. Misti works with the women’s missionary program.


Mmwdg.jpg (20696 bytes)

Misti and Mike and Little Michael. Man is he growing up fast!

Dad&misti.jpg (23145 bytes)




This is Raini

& Her Husband Matt

Raini is 28 and is our sound engineer. She can make even Danny & Sherri Brown sound good (he he).

Raini and Matt were married November 3rd, 2001.

Raini & Matt both work here in St. Louis and bought a house about 6 blocks from us.

wpe1.jpg (9028 bytes)



This is Wendi

& Her Husband Nick

Wendi is 27 and plays drums for us. She is quite an excellent drummer indeed.

She started singing about 10 years ago and now she sings regularly at our church.

She and Nick gave us our second grandbaby, Austin, in August of 2005.


I didn’t try to show nick up, but my hat did look better … JUST KIDDING …

What a lovely Bride … and I guess Nick looks ok in that cowboy hat too…



This is Chloe’

Chloe’ is our 13 year old “little momma.” She is a very talented artist and also loves to dance and sing. She is excelling in school and loves to laugh.

Chloe’ wants to be a skater when she grows up and is already drawing for CD and Tape productions (namely the new Danny & Sherri Brown CD, “More Than You’ll Ever Know” which was designed by Chloe’).


http://dannybrown.com/images/ChloeFlower.jpg (29760 bytes)

Chloe’ loves to draw.

Give her a pencil, some paper and a little time, she will create something pretty.



This is Eboni.

Eboni is in a leigue of her own. Though she is just 12 she never misses a trick and is always one up on everyone. Not only is she beautiful beyond description she is as smart as a whip.

Eboni loves to sing and dance. Her dream is to become a dancer and a singer.


  Eboni1.jpg (9142 bytes)

This is Eboni and her Biological Sister Maleah.

This was taken on her 9th Birthday.



Jesse 1

This is Jesse.

Jesse is our 15 year old man. He steals all the young girls hearts (and the old ones just the same.) Growing up with all his sisters he learned very quick to hold his own. But now he is loving being the big brother. 


JesseSailor.jpg (26729 bytes)


Zackary is our youngest – perpetually.

He turned 7 November 2013.


 Zack & Dad Noodling  Fitness Zack
 Zack N Jesse  Captain Zack  Zack Mom & Dad
   Zack & Dad Flexing Zack & Dad on the Mississippi