Pastor Danny has given himself to exercise since health conditions began limiting his ability to carry out his duties pastor.

Having never been athletic or “into” physical fitness made it very difficult for him to “get into” the fitness routine.

But the ministry is his life and his calling and God placed huge conviction on him to get his Body under subjection.

He has been actively working out and exercising for since 2011 and has seen great success.

Pastor Danny has recently written a book titled “THE PRESENTABLE BODY” which tells the story of his journey from being chronically sick to living healthy and addresses the believers responsibility to take care of our physical bodies!


Since getting himself in peak physical condition, God has impressed upon Pastor Danny to open a full service gym which youth, young adults and grown adults can come together with those of like faith and get into shape together.

COMMON GROUND FITNESS CENTERS which is soon to open is a full service fitness center which teaches various fitness techniques throughout the day, ranging from beginner to advanced, cardio to weight lifting, Pilates to Zumba, Aerobics to Calisthenics, Etc…

Professional instructors from around the St. Louis Metro Area will utilize the fitness center to teach their particular area of specialty in the fitness arena. Although each instructor may charge a minimal fee for their particular class, the fitness centers will be totally free of charge and operated as an outreach and ministry arm of the church.

Avalanche Collage

Pastor Danny also does quite a lot of counseling on the subject of health and fitness.

It is very hard to find the will power to commit to change … but through the Word of God and his personal convictions and experiences he uses solid evidence and practical theology to persuade believers to change their habits and customs to make their bodies presentable to their fellow man so that the power and person of the Heavenly Father can be clearly seen in us.

Please check out Pastor Danny’s “FITNESS PAGE” at

God Bless and Live Healthy!

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