Our Pets

Shooter is the King Daddy. He’s the stallion and let’s everyone know it.

Rascal is a guilding. He is gentle as can be.

Sarg is a guilding and is the shortest of our herd. He is so precious.

Angel is a Filly and she loves Jesse, as you can see.

Sugar is our Mare, she had a colt in the fall, but we lost it 3 days later.

Cisco is our two year old who is a Stallion for now, but he may get a trim here pretty soon…

Democrat and Gysmo are Mineature Donkeys and they are a trip.

They are so cute, you have to like them, even if they are Democrats … Poor Things …

Zachary Rides Sarge (with a little help from Jesse)

Jesse rides Angel

Appie our new addition to the herd.

Appie’s other side.

Give me the cookies.

Ebbie Rides Sweetie.

Sherri Rides Sweetie.

Rouge (not a great shot, but look at that coat in the sun)

Sherri whispers sweet nothings in Appie’s ear.

The herd loving the tall grass.